Monday, January 12, 2015

scotch eggs for dinner

Potatoes half a kilo , boiled and mashed well
Eggs. Four ...hard boiled shelled and pricked well
One egg beaten
Almond flour. Two tbsp
Mixed herbs. One tbsp
Pepper powder. Two tbsp
Salt to taste
Ghee. Four tbsp
Mix herbs, salt, pepper, almond flour with the mashed potatoes and knead well so that it turns like dough.
Make four palm size patties with the dough and place the egg in the center and cover it from all sides it is like a ball..dip these balls in the beaten egg and cook them in a kadai in very low flame one by one adding one tbsp ghee to each...Turn them slowly in all sides so that they are roasted uniformly.. Since we cook in very low flame the potato balls don't turn black..Remove them allow it to cool and cut them into halves and serve with sauce if needed.. Its very filling..could eat just one egg ...but very tasty

Originally scotch eggs are made with minced pork or meat and then baked or deep fried.

Recipe from "DollyBala". Thank you amma :)

தமிழாக்கம் கூடியவிரைவில்.....

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